TissueTalk™ Methods
TissueTalk™ Methods

Techniques that have influenced the development of

Tissue Talk Methods


Sacral Occipital Technique was founded by Major DeJarnete. SOT is a comprehensive technique which uses body indicators in a concise and chronological process for determining skeletal, cranial, neurological and visceral malfunctions. It incorporates specific techniques which address clinical changes in the extremities, pelvis, spine, viscera, cranium, and TMJ. DeJarnette believed that: “Distortions are massive muscular efforts which result in specific and localized fixations. These fixations act as a source of nerve stimulus to other muscles until the body reaches an impasse. They result from a primary area of segmental neuron stimuli but by the time you see the patient, so many things have happened that it is difficult to make an effort to locate the basic area of subluxation.” S.O.T is therefore designed to assist the chiropractor in locating and correcting a primary pattern of body distortion. 


NeuroFacial Release was founded by Steven Davidson DO in 1987. NFR is based on a model of standing wave forms and interference vibratory patterns produced or held in tissues. These patterns are thought to be responsible for musculoskeletal and visceral dysfunctions. The biotensegrity of the fascial system is the main focus, and the patient is examined and treated from an integrated whole body perspective. These points of abnormal tissue patterns are treated by locating a point of fascial restriction or fascial laxity and its corresponding release point. Both points are then held until the fascial wave generator that was causing the abnormal tension is normalized. Many of the points correspond to acupuncture points and locations that were used by Dr. Fulford DO. 

Dynamic Strain-Vector Release is a bioenergetic technique developed by 
Jan Hendryx DO. It is directed towards assessing dysfunctional tissues for inherent motion abnormalities known as dynamic strain or pathological stain vector. The treatment consists of touching and holding the strain-vector release point until normal tissue motion is felt. 

Indirect Osteopathic Techniques work away from the restrictive barrier/area at a place called the set point to allow the body’s tissues to “unwind”. This process of unwinding allows the body to remove the accumulated trauma in the tissues and begin to heal. 

Myofacial Meridian Techniques and Concepts include the works of Tom Myers and Buckminster Fuller’s Tensegrity model. The premise of this work is that the body is composed of many systems (nervous, circulatory, immune, fibrous...) all of which are interconnected and communicate with each other via an extensive connective tissue matrix. It is the balance of tension between the body tissue and systems that allow for the proper flow of these extracellular fluids that transmit information throughout all the tissues of the body. 

Functional Integrative Neurology pertains to restoring optimal function to the nervous system utilizing a wide variety of therapeutic exercises. 

Bowen Technique is a system of subtle and precise mobilizations of the muscles, tendons, nerves and fascia that send neurological impulses to the brain resulting in muscle relaxation and reduction of pain. Bowen Technique primarily affects the body through the nervous and bioenergetic systems to bring it to a state of balance and remind it how to heal itself. 

Healing Touch is a bioenergetic therapy that uses gentle hand techniques to help 
re-pattern the patient’s energy field and accelerate healing of the body, mind and spirit.

Jaffe Mellar Technique™ (JMT) is based on bioenergetics and the premise that highly adaptive microorganisms invade a compromised body and begin to alter how its nervous and immune systems function. This triggers an “autoimmune response” in an effort to eradicate the external pathogenic factor (EPF). Once the EPF is identified and located in the body where it is causing a malfunction, then energy neutralization, intervention and reprogramming techniques are used to deactivate the EPF and correct the energetic imbalance. 


Advanced JMT™  is a of treatment based on a method of assessing and evaluating the autonomic nervous system using both nonverbal and verbal quesitons and statements. When gliches in the autonomic nerous system are discovered, verbal commands are utilized to repair the problem, thus enabling the body to heal itself.  Stimulation of the nervous system using light percussion or cold laser and breathing reinforced the process.




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