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TissueTalk™ Methods

2018 Seminars and Workshops

Suzanne Clothier's NY Advanced Trainer's Workshop 

August 25-29 2018




4 Hour Seminar Sunday May 6, 2018  at See Spot Grin in MD


What’s in Your Dog’s Wardrobe?


  • Does your dog wear a collar or harness? 
  • Have you ever wondered how the collar or harness you’ve chosen for your dog affects his brain and body? 


It’s hard to say no to a fancy new addition to your dog’s wardrobe with so many creative and colorful options to choose from these days. And while there are plenty of opinions about whether your dog should wear a harness vs a collar, the conversation seems to end there. Blanket recommendations about one specific harness or another often fall short of considering your dog’s shape and how he moves, or the long term effects of the equipment recommended, and can still leave you in the dark about what’s best for your dog.


But don’t despair! In this half day workshop Dr. Donna Gigliotti will educate you about choosing the best-fitting equipment for your four-legged friend that will keep him both comfortable and sound. Dr. Gigliotti will cover:


  • How to choose the right equipment for your dog
  • How to properly fit a collar or harness
  • The effects of equipment on your dog’s anatomy
  • How their anatomy affects the equipment you choose
  • How ill-fitting equipment can lead to stress 
  • How that stress impacts your dog’s brain & physiology
  • Equipment that assists you and your senior dog


Bonus: You may opt to continue your learning after the workshop, when Dr. Gigliotti will be offering evaluations and consultations for selected dogs




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